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President Donald Trump is a golf fan. He even has Trump gold courses, and seems to enjoy playing the game.

But he also likes to attack former presidents for playing golf.


Twitter user Brian Klaas pointed out that the avid golfer had indulged in his favourite sport two weekends in a row – and also the 11 times he criticised president Barack Obama for doing the same thing.

He wrote:

Trump has golfed two weekends in a row (out of 4 as president). Here are 11 times Trump criticized Obama for playing golf as President.

And that isn't an exhaustive list:

And he isn't exactly hiding the fact he's being a massive hypocrite:

But that's okay. There's pretty much nothing going on at the moment.

It’s not like North Korea just fired a missile in an apparent show of force around the time of one of Trump's recent golf trips.

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