Shopper stunned after finding supermarket jar of spinach costs $50

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Every so often during a trip to the grocery store, you might allow yourself to grab a treat. Although most opt for a packet of fancy biscuits, a nice cheese, or a bottle of wine - one shopper found an unlikely item that was most certainly priced as a “once in a blue moon” treat.

The food item? An expensive jar of cream of spinach.

TikTok account @overheard shared a clip showing someone pulling a container of the organic item off the shelf along with on-screen text reading: “Overpriced LA”. Another line of text asks: “How much does this organic cream of spinach cost?”

In the video, the person flips the jar upside down to reveal that the 907g item costs an eye-watering $50.

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When the price is revealed, another line of on-screen text appears which reads: “$50! Well played, LA.”

The clip has received 170,000 views, 7200 likes, and 300 comments since it was posted two days ago.


Overseen @ Erewhon (where else) #losangeles #erewhonhaul #thepriceisright #overheardla

Viewers were surprised by how expensive the jar of food was, with one viewer writing: “I was expecting 20 but 50 OMG”.

One viewer guessed $18, and said they were “way off”. The TikTok account responded: “$18 gets u one spoonful of spinach as a treat.”

Another viewer remarked: “And people still think LA prices are worth it to live there.”

“$50 is my weekly grocery budget,” another said.

This isn't the first time we've come across expensive food items recently.

Last week we wrote about how a mum in Australia shelled out almost $100 (£57) for just ten items.

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