Brother shares little sister’s hilarious excuse for breaking her Ramadan fast

<p>TikToker Ace roared with laughter at his sister’s adorable excuse</p>

TikToker Ace roared with laughter at his sister’s adorable excuse


A brother has delighted social media by recording the moment he caught his little sister breaking her Ramadan fast.

TikTok user @ace_km3 (known as Ace) shared a video of the hilarious confrontation in which his sibling came up with an imaginative reason for snacking during the Islamic holy month.

It begins with him gasping: "What are you doing?" as he rushes into another room to the sound of the girl shrieking with surprise.

Bursting into laughter he asks her why she broke her fast, to which she replies: "Because I got hungry."

Reminded that it’s “not even 11am”, she explains: “The cat went into the kitchen, so I wondered where it was going. So I followed him and he started eating so I thought why don’t I just join him."

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He then laughs: "So you broke your fast because the cat was eating?" to which she responds: "Yeah because he broke his fast."

The video has been viewed more than 1.5 million times since it was posted on Friday, with viewers hailing the young rebel as the “highlight of Ramadan”.

“Her innocence is so pure,” commented one admirer.

While another branded her justification: “The best excuse of the century.”

Another added: “Lmfao this is the new version of ‘the dog ate my homework’.”

Muslims across the world have been observing Ramadan since around April 12 with this year’s month of fasting set to last until May 11.

Because the Islamic calendar is lunar, the start and end dates are not set in stone so change from year to year.

Over the course of the holy period, practitioners abstain from food and drink during daylight hours and are encouraged to engage in charity work and spiritual activities.

Whilst it is compulsory for most Muslim adults to respect the no-eating and drinking rules, people who are sick, pregnant, breastfeeding or travelling are exempt.

Children usually begin their observance once they reach puberty, but some get involved at a younger age.

In this case, Ace explained that his sister “wanted to practise” by fasting for half a day, until 2 pm.

Although her motivations were clearly pure, her all-too-understandable slip-up has made her a TikTok icon.

All we can say is “Ramadan Mubarak” to Ace, his cheeky sibling and Muslims everywhere.

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