Woman plays game of 'smash or pass' when her mother-in-law shows her pics of her husband's exes

Woman plays game of 'smash or pass' when her mother-in-law shows her pics of her husband's exes
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A woman's mother-in-law showed her photos of her husband's exes - and she decided to turn it into a game of "smash or pass."

In a post published to the Reddit thread AmITheA**hole, the woman in question visited her mother-in-law for the holidays who showed her a photo album of her husband and other women.

"I feel like she doesn't care for me and purposely looks for things to make me insecure. She showed me a page with a couple [of] pictures of my husband and other girls. All very coupley photos, a prom photo, a picture of him kissing a lady, and a picture of him on a boat with a different lady [on] his lap," she wrote.

"And she made a comment saying that his first girlfriend was so pretty and also a Christian."

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To try and make light of the situation, the woman decided to make a joke and began to play the "smash or pass" game with the photos her mother-in-law was showing her.

"As a joke, I said 'smash' pointing at one of the pictures. Then at another 'pass' and at another 'smash.' And she was like 'What?' And I was like 'Wait, what was the game? Smash or pass?'"

"She asks what that is, and I said, 'Oh, it's a game where you decide if people are hot! Like if you think they're hot enough, you'd sleep with them, you say 'smash,' and otherwise, you say 'pass', I figured that's what you were going for talking about how hot this chick is! She said that she didn't understand, and I was like, 'Come on, it's fun!'" the woman said.

The mother-in-law thought she was being inappropriate. However, she insisted that it was all in good fun.

"She got frustrated and asked if I was serious. I said, 'Oh, not literally like I'm not trying to actually sleep with anyone! I thought we were just talking about who's hottest!'"

The woman said that her mother-in-law believed she was "trying to gossip" about which of her husband's exes were attractive or not.

"She slammed the photo book shut and called me childish. Which is fair, like I'd kinda stolen the joke from a TikTok after all," the woman continued.

People in the post's comments believed that the woman was in the right to poke fun at the situation, with many writing that the mother-in-law was trying to make her "jealous."

"She tried to make you jealous and humiliate you, and you turned it back on her. Well done," someone wrote.

"What a fantastic way to take the wind right out of her sails and wind her up, instead of letting her get to you. Let's be honest; she was ONLY doing this to be an absolute a**hole and try to make you feel like you weren't good enough for her son. Fantastic response," another added.

A third wrote: "And a hilarious comeback to her trying to compare you to the exes. If she wasn't trying to compare, she would have glossed over the photos, not pointed them out, and commented on them. I would think she's trying to make you jealous, and it didn't work. That's Gold!"

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