Wedding planner claims she witnessed groom’s mother attempting to poison bride during reception

<p>Wedding planner Callie explains the lengths a groom’s mother went to attempt to poison the bride </p>

Wedding planner Callie explains the lengths a groom’s mother went to attempt to poison the bride


Weddings can be a magnet for drama; whether that be a guest wearing white, banning a family member or someone ruining a key moment in the day.

After planning the entire event and ensuring things run smoothly, wedding planners definitely have some interesting stories to tell on what family chaos ensues.

But one wedding planner’s story really takes the cake (literally), after she revealed a sinister move from a mother-in-law who attempted to poison the bride at her wedding with a cupcake.

The TikToker and wedding planner named Callie (@_cal_cifer) details the time she working at a wedding and ensuring everything had arrived and was in place when a random order from a bakery was delivered just before the reception began.

It was a cupcake order from the mother of the groom who wanted to get the extra sweet treats so there was plenty of dessert for the guests. Seems like a nice gesture, right?

Not thinking anything of it, Callie set out the cupcakes on the table for guests to eat but it all kicked off when the groom’s mother offered one to the bride.


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In her video, Callie explained: “So at a wedding I worked, the future mother-in-law tried to give a cupcake covered in coconut to the bride who was severely, deathly allergic to coconut.”

Luckily the bride was not harmed after Callie confirmed: “Thankfully the groom noticed and didn’t let her eat it.”

“So what happened afterwards? At least 15 seconds of dead air, nobody in the room moved.

“The groom is staring open-mouthed at his mum, the bride looks absolutely horrified and scared (I would be too) and the mother-of-the-groom, who literally just tried to poison her future daughter-in-law, doesn’t have a care in the world.

It’s fair to say the groom’s mother wasn’t a fan of her son’s new wife Getty Images

“And then the s**t hits the fan, the groom loses his mind, throws down the cupcake that he took from the bride, goes red in the face and just starts screaming at his mum.

“‘You are a terrible person, you have never been supportive of this relationship, this is a new low even for you, you could have sent her to the hospital, she literally could have gone into anaphylactic shock’, he literally just keeps going until the mother interrupts him, looks at him straight in the face and goes ‘accidents happen everyday dear’.

“And then this b***h goes back to her seat, gets her belongings and leaves the wedding. 110 per cent a sociopath.”

Since posting the crazy story, Callie’s video has received over 960,000 views, with nearly 185,000 likes and many people in the comment section sharing their shock at the behaviour from the groom’s mother.

One person asked: “Sooo... can they press charges for that?”

“Oh she was absolutely trying to murder the bride...” another person wrote.

Someone else added: “‘Accidents happen.’ That sounds more like a warning for the future, hope they cut her off.”

“That couple needs to change the locks on their home,” a fourth person said.

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