This man had the worst day ever - and he filmed it all

This man had the worst day ever - and he filmed it all
YouTube / Amish theman

Everyone had bad days, sure. But this is just ridiculous.

A Reddit user shared a video entitled 'I had a bad day today'.

He simultaneously shocked the internet with a truly atrocious 24 hours, put everyone else's annoying days into perspective and made the understatement of the century.

There's good news though. If karma evens itself out, this guy should be winning the lottery tomorrow...

And then he'll get struck by lightning, which will fry his ticket.

In fact, maybe stay away from watching the video. It might be the modern equivalent of a broken mirror.

It starts out a simple gym trip. A security escort, ripped trousers and a bit of bad luck with bird poo later (plus far, far too many other things), things aren't looking so good.

At least it teaches you to never say 'at least it can't get any worse'. Because it most definitely can.

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