Retired sniffer dog’s reaction to word ‘cocaine’ goes viral

<p>Dante, the ex sniffer dog, still knows the word “cocaine”</p>

Dante, the ex sniffer dog, still knows the word “cocaine”


A retired drug sniffer dog has proved that he’s still got it and is going viral on the video-sharing app TikTok.

Dante, an ex-police dog, was listening to his owner Davey Rutherford recount his shopping list with the usual suspects, like “bread, milk, eggs, mayo, cocaine.” which leads the dog to alert mode, ready to pounce, showing that once a professional, always a professional.

However, luckily, he is quickly told it was a joke, and he goes back to his happy relaxed demeanour, chilling out with his new adopted family.

The video has racked up over 2.5 million views and inspired a load of spoofs, which in total has gathered over 30 million views, according to Newsweek.

The video is captioned, “sniffer dog knows English.”

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Viewers were quick to share their enthusiasm for the clip with Chicka tweeting the video, saying “Once a police dog always a police dog.”

“I have watched this 3 times just to see his face.” one person on TikTok commented.

“He was like you know I’m ex-police right.” Another person chimed in.

One person on the video-sharing app joked that Dante was “never off duty” despite being discharged.

Comprehending the word cocaine is not the only crime-fighting trick that Dante can do as another video showed him opening a door like his SWAT team human friends.

This is one of many videos of Dante living the high life in his retirement, including hanging out in his new owner’s hot tub and running in the waves at the beach.

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