Joe Biden’s first 100 days: How Trump’s early days scandals compare to president’s

Joe Biden’s first 100 days: How Trump’s early days scandals compare to president’s
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President Joe Biden’s first 100 days are almost over. He hits the milestone this week.

From tackling the Covid-19 pandemic , approving a $1.9 trillion stimulus package to aid the economy, to advancements in racial and gender equality rights, it’s been a busy time and now is an incredibly important moment to review all the things he was able to accomplish - and fail to accomplish - in the initial months since inauguration.

However, in any administration, there can be some hiccups in the road as most notably evidenced in the Trump administration.

Here at Indy100, we wanted to take it a step further — compare the scandals that President Biden went through in his first 100 days versus former President Donald Trump’s scandals.

Read on to take a trip down memory lane.

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President Donald Trump’s scandals in his first 100 days

Trump fired nearly 12 White House employees

The motive behind firing a dozen people within his administration was primarily due to Russia ties and ethics violations. For example former National Security advisor, Michael Flynn had no choice but to step down from his position after it was revealed that he misled former Vice President Mike Pence about conversations he had with Russian officials in the campaign period. That’s a no-no.

Flynn also reportedly accepted $45,000 to give a speech to RT News, a Russian-state funded television network.

He implemented a Muslim travel ban that was struck down

Trump wanted to temporarily prevent refugees from seven muslim-majority countries from entering the United States. This caused widespread protests and debates and quite frankly, confusion at airports  worldwide. Some of the immigrants and refugees that wanted to come into the country had green cards, but were still banned from entering as officials were still trying to come to terms with the new order.

Many protesters banded together, gathering at airports to express their opposition to this ban. Federal judges ended up blocking the order eventually, which the administration revised and resigned some weeks later.

Trump alleged that Obama had wire-tapped the Trump Tower

When Trump had Twitter, he made quite the bang, claiming that former President Barack Obama had the Trump Tower under surveillance during his 2016 run for office.

“Terrible! Just found out that Obama had my “wires tapped” in Trump Tower just before the victory. Nothing found. This is McCarthyism!” Trump wrote in a since deleted tweet.

Former FBI Director James Comey debunked Trump’s claim when testifying to Congress.

The secretive president scrapped White House visitor logs

The Trump administration also wanted to put an end to the public release of names of White House visitors, which started under former President Barack Obama.

This move was met with legal challenges because it wasn’t transparent.

Additionally, the administration decided to change its policy due to “security risks and privacy concerns,” despite Trump seemingly inserting himself as the topic of discussion.

According to Reuters, the Biden administration attempted to look into the matter in February, but ultimately the Biden administration can’t release visitor logs from the former president’s White House. 

Trump knocked German Chancellor Angela Merkel— then had an awkward time when she visited the Capitol

Trump always had something to say about German Chancellor Angela Merkel on his campaign trail, He stated that Merkel was “ruining Germany” as she becameTime magazine’s person of the year in 2015.

So when she visited Washington, D.C. for the first time, it was awkward at best. Both leaders showed their icy relationship within a joint press conference. But according to NBC, when Trump received  a question about the wire tapping allegations ( from his claims of Obama doing that to him), he responded with the following: “At least we have something in common, perhaps.” 

Trump was making a reference claim to efforts under the Obama administration to monitor Merkel as revealed by Edward Snowden.

President Biden’s scandals

Look, this section took a while to pull together, because we really had to wrack our brains to find anything approaching ‘scandal’ levels.

So here goes...

Fox News was furious about a burger and steak ban that didn’t exist

Conservatives on social media were up in arms over President Biden’s plan that would make Americans have to ration their intake of red meat to “one hamburger per month.”

Now, John Roberts, a Fox News anchor, dispelled this rumor. He admitted that a graphic displayed by the network made people think that President Biden’s climate plan also was a way to reduce red meat.

This fake news story was initially addressed by Ainsley Earhardt who repeated the claims on air. From there, the story spread like a wildfire.

First Lady Jill Biden had the audacity to wear ... fishnet stockings

Earlier this month, First Lady Jill Biden wore a festive pair of fishnet stockings while exiting Air Force One in Washington, D.C. We’re not entirely sure why this was a scandal, but the Biden White House tends to not be embroiled in personal scandal, so some people had to make it into something else.

Twitter was ablaze at the time with people even comparing the First Lady to former First Lady Melania Trump and her past of posing nude for modeling.

We really shouldn’t compare people like this, but if we are, let’s criticize real issues such as her ‘Be Best’ initiative to end cyberbullying with children and opioid addiction , as well as her tone-deaf “I Really Don’t Care Do U?” jacket she wore during the time of the Trump administrations family separation policy.

TJ Ducklo resignation over threatening a reporter about dating another reporter

OK, so this was one incident that approached the level of scandal - although the players involved were pretty small fry:

TJ Ducklo, President Biden’s former deputy press secretary was caught up in an embarrassing situation.

According to Poynter, Caleb Ecarma of Vanity Fair  reported that Ducklo had threatened Politico reporter Tara Palmeri, who asked about his romantic relationship with another reporter which was revealed to be Axios reporter Alexi McCammond.

Ducklo reportedly told Palmeri , “I will destroy you,” should the story go out.

Axios did tell Politico that McCammond had revealed her relationship and was taken off of the Biden beat.

Eventually, once the Vanity Fair story was released, Ducklo was reportedly suspended for a week, which was embarrassing for an administration that vowed to treat one another with respect. He later quit.

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