SNL perfectly sums up your TikTok ‘for you page’ in new sketch with Lizzo

SNL perfectly sums up your TikTok ‘for you page’ in new sketch with Lizzo
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Someone has been watching a lot of TikTok.

SNL premiered a new sketch about the TikTok 'for you page' and it perfectly encapsulated what it's like on the social media app.

The TikTok 'for you page' is known to be filled with chaotic and silly videos. Despite the app doing a wonderful job tailoring content to your likes specifically, every now and then an extremely strange video pops up on your 'for your page' due to popularity amongst other users.

Or adversely- a video with no views or likes will appear because the app may think you'll enjoy it.

Either way, all TikTok users have across strange videos of random people dancing or talking about their political opinions and SNL did the best job summing it up in one video.

Host and musical guest, Lizzo, starred in the sketch video alongside other cast members as they mimicked what it's like to scroll through the app.

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TikTok ft. Lizzo -

Notably, one video featured Lizzo and cast member Sarah Sherman poking fun at a viral sound where actress Miranda Cosgrove and comedian Whitney Cummings talk about cuss words.

"I burst out laughing at Lizzo as Miranda Cosgrove," a commenter said on the YouTube video.

Other videos mimicked viral videos- like a man scaring his grandmother with an air horn, people performing covers of well-known songs in different music styles, a person dancing badly, someone sharing their political opinion, and more.

Viewers were pleasantly surprised by how accurate the sketch was.

"The overwhelming accuracy of how chaotic that app is is my favorite," a commenter said.

"These sketches so accurately capture what it’s like scrolling tiktok and it makes me laugh so hard," another person said.

SNL has attempted to tap into Gen Z humor by making sketches incorporating obvious trends, Gen Z lingo, and trying to poke fun at the generation. But more often than not, Gen Zers find the sketches cringy.

The live comedy show aired a sketch about Gen Z people in a hospital that fell flat on its face and dedicated a portion of Weekend Update to the Elmo vs. Rocco meme, which younger did not find funny.

This week's attempt at tapping into Gen Z humor seems to have worked as they perfectly mimicked a TikTok 'for you page'. Saturday's show also featured a joke about Elon Musk buying Twitter.

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