Spinning optical illusion house that ‘gets people every time’ resurfaces on TikTok

An optical illusion “house” that seems to “spin” as you drive by is making people lose their minds after a TikTok video went viral.

At first glance, the featured cottage looks like a perfectly normal abode. However as once you zoom past, things are not as they seem as seen.

“This spinning optical illusion house always trips me out,” @hazelann820 said in the video’s caption, which has sparked renewed interest in the art installation and amassed millions of views.

As you go past the “house”, you can see that the building is in fact not a house, but in fact, a skeleton of panels dressed to look like a three-dimensional structure.

Other users have flocked to the video, expressing their similar confusion to the illusion.

“Yes! gets me every time too. So crazy and whoever designed it/made it (it) sooo clever” one commented under the video

“I would simply crash ever time” another admitted.

“I bet it causes a few good accidents a year” one other chimed in.

You can find the house on the outskirts of Sydney, Australia, near Bankstown Airport, and no your eyes do not deceive you. It is an art piece by Regina Walters inspired by the previous work of legendary artist Roy Lichenstein, who created a series of similar optical illusion homes.

Walter’s piece is aptly named “Camofleur” and is based on aeroplane carriers used in the Second World War using Aboriginal camouflage methods.

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