A TikToker captured the essence of how draining it can be for Starbucks workers to receive huge drive-thru orders - with a video of his reaction to a request for 15 drinks.

Fernando Ramos, who goes by @q50_nando on the platform, posted the video, which has received 405,800 views at the time of writing.

“Don’t go through drive and do this,” the video caption read.

The video features a line of tickets on the counter, set to the Squid Game theme music.

It then shows a barista assembling the order’s ingredients and cups. The barista then combines, pours, and puts caramel on top of the cold drinks.

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In the background, viewers can hear one employee muttering, “Is he s****ing me right now?”


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Difficult or lengthy drive-thru coffee orders can slow down the staff’s production.

As some viewers pointed out, customers sometimes demand speedy service through a drive-thru, but it’s tough for employees to do so when they have a huge order and little staff or resources.

In the comments section, people claiming to be Starbucks staffers shared the same sentiments with the TikToker about drive-thru surges.

“No bc yesterday someone ordered 13 drinks and15 food items, AND THEY EXPECTED THEM TO BE DONE IN 5 minutes,” someone wrote.

“People who order more than 4/5/6 drinks in the drive-thru depress me as a barista,” another added.

A third wrote: “The biggest order we probably received was when this soldier got like 14 drinks for other deploying soldiers on their day before departure.”

Someone else believes that Starbucks should put a limit on how many drinks could be ordered in a drive-thru.

“I swear [Starbucks] needs to put a limit of two drinks for the drive-thru. People come through the drive-thru thinking we have Frappuccinos on tap.”

Indy100 reached out to Starbucks and Fernando Ramos for comment.

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