Starbucks drive-thru worker cries tears of joy after mother pulls up and says that her sister is cancer-free

Starbucks barista shames customer over unbelievable £20 drink

A Starbucks drive-thru worker received an order she would never forget after being told by her mother that her 13-year-old sister is "100 per cent cancer-free."

TikTok user Emily Mejia (@emilylorraineee) shared the moment her mum managed to film as she drove up to the drive-thru window Emily was working at to deliver the good news as part of her coffee order.

Looking confused at first, Emily lifts up her headset to listen to her mum when she ordered a "latte with a shot of espresso, 2 per cent and casually added on the end of the order "and one pump of CAR-T and 100 per cent cancer-free please."

Megan Mejia, Emily's 13-year-old sister had been diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia in August 2021 and had been receiving CAR-T immunotherapy treatment for her cancer before officially being told she was cancer-free.

Taken aback by the news, Emily gasped and asked: "Actually? Really?" as she was overcome with emotion.

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"You're gonna make me cry, are you serious?" she asked her mum once more in a high-pitched voice, "Oh my God. You're making me cry at work," Emily added laughing as she wiped her tears away.

After dropping the big news, Emily's mum was still keen on getting her coffee order and said: "Can I really get that latte though?"


Finding out my 13 year old sister is cancer free at work @Starbucks #childhoodcancer #cancer #leukemia

Since posting the heartwarming video, Emily's TikTok has received a staggering 23m views, 5.4m likes, along with thousands of comments

One person said: "And now YOU’RE making US cry at work?!"

"This is such an amazing moment," another person wrote.

Someone else added: "As a cancer survivor, we act like we don’t care, but we really do care when we get that 100 per cent remission news."

"Ik [I know] what it feels like hearing those words, I also know that many don’t get to which needs to change, sending all my love," a fourth person replied.

Viewers were also keen to see Emily's sister in a video, and so in a follow-up video, the TikToker gave the people what they wanted.

"I did not expect the video to blow up, I only thought my friends would see it," Emily said and thanked people for the response.


Reply to @natalieventures

She then pans the camera around to reveal her younger sister Megan who waves, the TikToker then asked her sister how it feels to be cancer-free, to which she replied in a whisper: "Cancer-freeing."

Megan also needs a bone marrow transplant which requires her to find a match and was told by doctors there was a 25 per cent per cent chance of Megan matching with one of her siblings,The Daily Mail reported so it typically means patients sign up to a registry in order to have a better chance of finding a match.

Though luckily for Megan, in an extremely rare outcome, she was a match for not one, not two... but three of her siblings and received the good news in a "bone match reveal" posted on TikTok by Emily.


It’s extremely rare to have multiple matches. We found out after this that our oldest sister Brianna is also a match. 3/6 siblings🎗💛

In the clip which has received over 715,000 views, Megan can be seen opening a present that has the names of each perfect donor match (Brianna, 22, Emily, 18, and Ben, 12) on a Christmas bauble, as her family can be heard cheering in celebration.

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