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The miracle of birth is a wonderful thing - but those long hours of intense labour can be draining, stressful and of course painful.

During those tense hours, or sometimes days, parents to be are stuck in a what feels like a never-ending cycle of doctors visits and perpetual waiting - often without rest or relief.

It was a different case for Tariq Quareshy from Leicester though, who couldn't resist a cheeky takeaway while his girlfriend, Cardine, was in labour.

The 23-year-old had been at Leicester Royal Infirmary since 4pm on August 30 but by 10pm, and with the baby nowhere in sight, he was starting to feel a little peckish.

Clearly not fancying the food available in the hospital canteen, Tariq opted for a Deliveroo instead, ordering a double cheeseburger, chips and buffalo wings (what, no drink?)

He shared the magical moment his food was delivered on Twitter.

Picture: Picture: Twitter screengrab

Fortunately for him he was able to enjoy his food at the very moment his daughter Aiyana arrived into the world.

Talking to The Sun he said:

I asked the midwife if she wanted anything. She gave me an odd look.

I was tucking in as the baby arrived at 11.04pm.

Safe to say that his partner Cardine wasn't too impressed.

When Cardine came round I asked her if she wanted a buffalo wing.

She swore at me.

He did get some love from his pals at Deliveroo though.

HT Mirror, The Sun

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