‘Stop Brexit’ campaigner Steve Bray has speaker seized just hours after new protest laws take effect

‘Stop Brexit’ campaigner Steve Bray has speaker seized just hours after new protest laws take effect

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New legislation which restricts acts which cause “serious annoyance” to members of the public came into force on Tuesday, and has already been used against prominent parliament protester Steve Bray – also known as ‘Stop Brexit Steve’.

Under the Police, Crime, Sentencing and Courts Act 2022 an individual could face a fine or up to 10 years imprisonment if they are causing “serious harm” such as “serious distress, serious annoyance, serious inconvenience or serious loss of amenity”.

Never one to make his feelings known quietly, Mr Bray came with speakers and microphones for his latest protest, which caught the attention of nearby police officers.

In a video shared to Twitter, one officer can be heard telling the protestor: “You’re not allowed to protest making anti-social noise like this … It now extends all the way down this road to Derby Gate – comes in today, I’m telling you now.

“It means you could end up with a very large fine and all your stuff confiscated.”

Though Mr Bray was unphased, claiming the law was “fascism through the back door” and if he receives any fines he’s “not paying them, simple as that”.

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He added: “I’m carrying on as normal … It’s my human right to protest, and that is not being taken from me.”

However, the officer responded to say of the human right to protest, “a lot of which” has been superseded by the new law.

It didn’t stop Mr Bray from continuing to protest, though, as he blasted a rendition of Simon and Garfunkel’s “Sound of Silence” through his speakers while holding up his placards and flags.

In a follow-up video, officers could then be seen reaching for the amplifiers and taking them away, as Mr Bray accused them of being “fascist mouthpieces”.

The scenes have gone on to spark concern on Twitter, with even those critical of Mr Bray’s methods still nonetheless standing by his right to protest:

According to an update by Mr Bray, the protester has been "summonsed" following the incident, with the case going to court.

"Obviously I'm going to elect trial by jury but I may need some legal help," he tweeted.

Indy100 has approached the Metropolitan Police for comment.

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