Woman shares terrifying video on TikTok of stranger trying to break into her home

A woman on TikTok posted a video of the moment when someone allegedly tried to get inside her apartment - and viewers found it chilling.

Alena, who goes by @0804hae on the platform shared the 11-second long clip which mainly zeroed in on the sound of random buttons being pushed into her front door’s keypad, and the code being rejected each time.

During the whole ordeal, Alena can be seen sitting on her bed, evidently taken aback, and listening to what’s happening on the other side of the door.

“Can women live in peace pls wtf,” her video caption said along with some hashtags that indicate that she lives in South Korea.

The video received 3.1m views at the time of writing.


can women live in peace pls wtf #fyp #추천 #foreignerinkorea #korealife #lifeinkorea

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People in the comments seemed worried about what happened, with some women talking about the safety measures they take to when they are alone.

“That’s scary. Make sure you use the keypad so [your] prints don’t show, and stay safe… maybe call the police and show them this… I’m sorry,” someone wrote.

“If you find it useful to you, you can ask a male friend to record an audio for you, screaming ‘who is it I called the police’,” another added.

A third wrote: “I made my lock number 8 digits after this happened to me.”

Some people thought the person may have been drunk, but Alena said that it happened in the daytime.

Once the video went viral, the TikToker made an update in the comments that said: “He didn’t get the password right so I’m fine. I will call the building owner for CCTV and update y’all.”

Indy100  reached out to Alena for further comment.

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