Stripper says she was paid $100s to hold man’s hand as he napped

Stripper says she was paid $100s to hold man’s hand as he napped
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A woman says she was paid big bucks to hold a man's hand at the strip club - while he took a nap.

Danika, a stripper influencer who goes by @danikakingtv on TikTok, shared the moment in which she got paid for the simple act.

"This is ur sign to b a dancer. I got paid to hold this man's hand while he napped," the onscreen text reads.

The video then jumpcut to a photo of people holding hands, presumably the hands of Danika and the alleged napping customer. Soon after that, Danika films a wad of $100 bills.


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The video, which was posted to the platform five days ago, has over 68,400 views at the time of writing.

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While Danika is known to share the ins and outs of the dancing industry, this particular video caused viewers to have some pity towards the customer.

"OK, that's amazing but also so sad at the same time," one wrote, which prompted Danika to respond with: "It's a little sad, but we all need human touch and companionship."

"Sad that they literally pay for that. 🥺 Get that bag thou ayy," another added.

A third wrote: "Poor guy, I bet that feeling of intimacy and care made him so happy. But sad when you left."

One person added: "I once saw a dancer playing chess with a guy in VIP. They were in there for an hour. The rate was $35/5min."

"That would be so fun!" Danika said in response to that comment.

Speaking with Indy100, Danika said that some people would pay just to spend time with dancers.

"A lot of people do just pay for your time to cuddle or hold their hand or listen to them vent about their ex-wife or their job that's really stressful or whatever because we are cheaper than therapists sometimes," she said with a chuckle.

As for one of the most bizarre requests she's experienced as a dancer, she said it's people wanting to take a sniff of her armpits - but that's a step too far.

"I don't really know what that is. I never let them do that," Danika added.

She continued: "The cool thing with this job is you can set any boundaries you want."

For more content on days in the life of a dancer, check out Danika on TikTok and Instagram.

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