Men are asking random guys to tempt their partners to cheat

Men are asking random guys to tempt their partners to cheat
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Navigating a relationship in the era of social media is rough - even more so if you're up to mischief.

Now, thanks to subreddit forums, men are attempting to catch their cheating partners in the act, and are enlisting other men to text, DM and send unsolicited dick pics to their significant other.

The relationship test is not only disturbing but extremely problematic. As reported by Mel Magazine, people are putting their partner's loyalty to the test through the services offered on subreddits like r/LoyaltyTesters and r/TestMyWifeGF.

On these forums, men are finding a safe space to air out their suspicions and discover a community of men ready to be put to the task for their bro. This group of boyfriends and husbands are presenting their girlfriend or wife’s contact information so others can approach them on the internet and attempt to engage in sexting.

To that end, there are testers who have began to offer up services.

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“Testing now — moms, wives, girlfriends, friends, aunts and sisters all love my 9.5-inch BBC, and I’ll prove it! DM me now,” one recent post on r/TestMyWifeGF states according to the outlet.

Ever the resume, men have gone on to show their success rate in getting women to respond positively to their nudes and therefore, falling for the trap.

"Ever wondered how your girl behaves when you're not looking? Curious how she'll react when a cute guy with a hung white cock hanging off him ends up In her messages? Let's find out. Hmu," reads another post on the forum.

Another poster wrote, "I’m tryin to have fun…I’ll send my cock to any women you want 18+ through text in the US for free: gfs, moms, sisters, aunts, daughters, nieces, friends, cousin, boss, coworkers."

It all seems intrusive and is surely not a sure-fire way to seek how loyal your partner is, and yet the chats are alive and thriving.

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