Girlfriend 'tested' boyfriend by cancelling date last minute

<p>Girlfriend 'tested' boyfriend by cancelling date last minute</p>

Girlfriend 'tested' boyfriend by cancelling date last minute

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Four months after his girlfriend “tested” him by canceling their date while he was already halfway en route, a man took to Reddit to ask whether he was in the wrong for being upset about the situation.

“My girlfriend told me that she tested me by canceling a date when we first started to go out,” Reddit user @HorrorIntelligent348 began his post on the popular forum AITA (also known as Am I the As****).

He continued, “It was the date where we were kinda planning to hook up for the first time. For context, She lives in the city while I have an hour drive.”

When his girlfriend explained the reason why she canceled was that she was sick, he simply drove back home.

And while this happened four months ago, his girlfriend is just now telling him the truth about that night.

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“She had no consideration for my time and effort. it was as if she really wanted to inconvenience me to see how I would react,” he wrote before concluding: “I told her that it was pretty inconsiderate to wait until I had driven half way to cancel and she had been really inconsiderate in the way she tested me. She apologized half-heartedly and then said it was not a big deal and it has been 4 months. I told her it was a big deal to me and we had an argument about it.”

In the replies, people overwhelmingly agreed that he was, in fact, Not the As*****.

“NTA. The fact that she isn't remorseful at all? That's your second red flag. The fact she's made you feel like the asshole for being rightfully upset? That's your third red flag. This chick is a manipulative, gaslighting trouble box,” wrote one user.

Another Reddit user also found this to be a giant red flag, and commented, “But now, going forward, when annnnything comes up, you may be wondering ‘is this a test?’ And is this a test? Annnnnd is THIS a test Because, yeah. It might be. You need to have a little discussion about this. This is not a ‘small thing to get mad about.’”

Others took issue with the fact that his girlfriend came clean at all and believed she should have kept quiet about her intentions.

“Somewhere in there is a red flag for the additional test — her telling OP about it. What purpose does that serve other than trying to get OP to agree that it was okay for her to jerk them around?” wrote one.

Another said, “She should have kept quiet about her little test’. Your behavior on that day was appropriate and considerate-good for you. Obviously you ‘passed.’”

Some even had such strong opinions about the original poster’s girlfriend, they urged him to break up with her.

“Test her by breaking up with her and when she gets mad say she failed your test. :)” one person said.

“I'd dump a girl who fu**** with my time just to ‘test’ me in a heartbeat. I'm not a guinea pig and you don't have the right to toy with me. Such disrespect,” another person said.

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