Fox Business contributor says he spent $28 on Taco Bell and viewers have questions

Fox Business guest says he spent $28 on Taco Bell because of …

Apparently, inflation in the US is so bad one man's Taco Bell order cost $28.

Fox Business contributor Scott Martin told Neil Cavuto on Wednesday that despite the Federal Reserve cutting interest rates, inflation is not getting better - using his experience at Taco Bell as an example.

"You wanna know how bad inflation is?" Martin began. "Yesterday - yes, I had a nice lunch at Taco Bell, cost me about $28 at Taco Bell for lunch."

Martin then suggested that other people should "get jobs" and "get into the economy" so they can pay for things like Taco Bell.

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Cavuto, dumbfounded by the claim, asked Martin, "Wait a minute. You spent $28 at Taco Bell on just yourself?"

Martin confirmed he did saying, "for lunch, yeah. It's true."

The clip of Martin's inflation story circulated on Twitter with some finding his claim unbelievable and others making a joke of it.

" How can the human body absorb $28 of Taco Bell and survive?" Jason tweeted.

"Who among us hasn't bombed their intestines with 7 1/2 crunchwrap supremes for lunch?" John joked .

Inflation has become a hot topic and a major concern among people across the world.

Others have shared similarly dramatic stories about wealthy people resorting to fast-food restaurants and people being outraged over a McDonald's burger price increase .

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