'10ft tall aliens' spotted on a hilltop in Brazil

'10ft tall aliens' spotted on a hilltop in Brazil
'10ft tall aliens' spotted on a hilltop in Brazil
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Two terrifying 10ft tall aliens have allegedly been spotted on a hilltop.

The suspected space beings were filmed by a shocked onlooker.

Eyewitness Sara Dalete said she was hiking with family members when they came across the mysterious figures.

They were seen on the Brazilian island of Ilha do Mel.

Sara, of Brasília, said it wasn’t possible to reach the hilltop where they were or communicate with them.

She said the alien beings moved very quickly and seemed to be around 9ft 8ins (3m) tall.

The government of Paraná State made light of the alleged sighting.

Jam Press

A spokesperson said: “Our summer is from another world.

“Even strange beings come here to enjoy our coastline.”

Local Marcio said: “Wow, Peter Crouch might not be able to go camping anymore.”

Another said of one: “It's a really strange figure.

“It has strange arm movements. I believe it.

“We are not the only inhabitants of this universe.”

A third joked: “Could it be ET calling someone?”

Jam Press

One said: “Looking closely at the images, it’s a real person.

“It looks like this person had binoculars or a camera. It's a T-shirt tied around his head.”

Allan remarked: “The guys are up there saying ‘why is there a bunch of crazy people filming us?’”

Jose commented: “The poor guy probably took a long time to climb that hill and then a gossipy tourist films him with their phone and says ‘it's ET’.”

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