This classic 90s TV advert perfectly sums up the state of Brexit

Last year, a scene from an episode of The Simpsons went viral as it seemed to have ‘predicted’ Donald Trump one day becoming President.

But that’s nothing compared to this latest find – people think this classic Tango advert foretold how the UK is handling its Brexit negotiations. Tango is a fizzy drink for the uninitiated.

The clip, entitled St George, is from 1996 and even won several prestigious advertising awards. It was made at the height of Britpop, on the cusp of New Labour, and mostly only aired during TFI Friday.

Man, the 90s seem so long ago.

It opens with Tango ‘spokeman’ Ray Gardner, answering a letter from a French foreign exchange student called Sebastien, who says he doesn’t like Blackcurrant Tango.

Picture: Screengrab

He walks out of his office, with a crowd beginning to follow him.

Picture: Screengrab

Soon enough, he’s out side, and he’s stripped down to boxing shorts.

Picture: Screengrab

He screams:

You’re an exchange student: All hair gel and fancy loafers… When did you last get up at four in the morning for something you believed in passionately?

We don’t need you, you hear? You’re one dissenting voice in a billion, Johnny French!

Now he’s out in the countryside, with a giant crowd following.

Picture: Screengrab

It ends on the White Cliffs of Dover, with Harrier Jump Jets over head, as Gardner stands in a boxing ring and bellows:

Come on France. Europe. The world. I’ll take you all on!

Picture: Screengrab

Picture: Screengrab

It all feels rather current, doesn't it?

Here's the full advert:

Maybe Kendall Jenner should have taken a page out of Ray Gardner's playbook?

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