<p>TikToker Olivia Bason received an outpouring of support after quitting her job at the Dallas salon</p>

TikToker Olivia Bason received an outpouring of support after quitting her job at the Dallas salon


A tanning salon in Texas has been hit with a wave of negative reviews after a former employee filmed herself quitting her job there.

Posting on TikTok, Olivia Bason (@olivetrizzle) called on viewers to “come [with] me to quit my job [because] management sucks and I get taken advantage of too much.”

In the clip, she could be seen driving away from the Palm Beach Tan salon in Dallas after writing a sign for customers saying the store was “closed for maintenance”.

The recording was accompanied by the caption: “Just walked out my job lol [what about you]? No but [for real] I was miserable and FED UP.”

Responding to one commenter in a follow-up post , Bason said she was “tired of getting walked over” by her colleagues.

“I just felt like I was doing everything and it was very frustrating because they would just sit on their a**es all day – even the f**king manager,” she said.

A white woman in black uniform with thumb up: \u2018Come w me to quit my job bc management sucks and i get taken advantage of too much\u2019; hand on head: \u2018omg what did i do\u2019; writing on paper: \u2018letting customers know we\u2019re closed\u2019Olivia documented the moment she walked out of the salon for good@olivetwizzle/TikTok

Things soon heated up, and it wasn’t the sunbeds.

After it was revealed that Bason still had the key to the building, she received a text from the salon saying she did not need to send it back to them as $300 (£216) would be deducted from her next payslip. She was also warned that police would be called if she ever returned to the property.

She replied: “I’ve offered to send this key back and you’re not giving me the option to. You’re just telling me you’re taking money I work for. I don’t work for free. No one does. That’s illegal.

“You can’t withhold money from my check, that can only be done by civil means.”

When Bason continued to say that she would file a claim for the money if she did not receive the $300 by Friday, the former co-worker responded to say that she would be “brought up on harassment charges” if she were to text again.

People later rallied behind the TikToker, going so far as to track down the particular Palm Beach Tan salon and troll them with negative comments and one-star reviews.

The salon was hit by a spate of outlandish critiquesGoogle Reviews

“I was trying to tan when a rat came and took a nap [with] me,” one critic wrote.

“You would have a better time going tanning in a garbage can than this place,” said another.

A third, known only as Epic Org, commented: “Absolutely horrendous experience, one of the members of staff held both my legs down on the excruciatingly hot bed, and called for another member of staff to hold my arms down so I couldn’t escape the fiery pits of hell.

“My back MELTED off and I walked out with a VISIBLE SPINAL CHORD,” they joked.

Why get tanned when you could get roasted?

Indy100 has contacted Palm Beach Tan for comment.

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