Teacher mortified after realising students could see them 'smoking' and 'laughing at memes' on Zoom

Teacher mortified after realising students could see them 'smoking' and 'laughing at memes' on Zoom
Woman shares moment coworker informs her that her microphone is on while ...

A high school teacher has revealed how they have been left mortified after realising their online class has witnessed them vaping, smoking cigarettes, and laughing at memes.

The educator was horrified to learn that your camera does not go off when you share your screen on Zoom, and assumed the kids were none the wiser to what they were doing during the lesson.

Sharing the story to Reddit’s 'Today I F***ed Up' forum, the teacher explained that they do online classes twice a week.

After a few months of biweekly Zoom sessions, it was only two days ago that the teacher realised the class can still see them when they share their screen.

Thinking their camera was off, they wrote: “I've been vaping, smoking a cigarette, laughing at memes on my phone, and GOD ONLY KNOWS what else I've been doing thinking no one can see me.

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“The students laughed when they saw that I didn't realize anyone can see me. And I quickly apologized for smoking and explained the situation.

“Now I'm just horrified trying to think about what else I've done in the past two months (possibly CHANGING, or eating, or picking my nose or being a weirdo).”

Other Redditors were thoroughly amused by the teacher’s (seemingly numerous) Zoom gaffes.

One commenter shared a similar story of how they thought screen sharing turned off their camera, too. They said they had a slight disagreement with a manager over Zoom one time, and because they thought their face was hidden, they openly showed all of their emotions on their face. After about 2 minutes, the manager asked if they needed to take a break because it looked like they were having a “bad day”.

Another teacher also weighed in about how they also take a few cheeky puffs of their vape while conducting online classes, too.

They wrote: “Sometimes I sink in my chair and vape so my students don't see until one said it sounds like I'm vaping. Now I mute and do the same thing. Zoom has enabled us to be disgusting humans while we do our jobs - I love it though.”

Others take a more cautious approach.

Another Redditor said that when they’re on Zoom classes, they check they’re on mute every few seconds and cover their webcam with sticky tape. The reason for their caution? They’ve been “oblivious” to not being on mute before, and it was “traumatising to say the least”.

One Redditor commented a stellar piece of advice.

“Rule of thumb: ALWAYS act like you're on camera,” they said.

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