Tech guy gets roasted after complaining about his Uber from Manhattan to Philadelphia

Tech guy gets roasted after complaining about his Uber from Manhattan to Philadelphia
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Tech entrepreneur Martin Varsavsky complained about the price of his Uber ride from Manhattan to Philadelphia - and people on social media roasted him.

On Monday (24 October), the father of seven took to his Twitter to share his thoughts about the expense of his journey in a series of posts.

"I just took an Uber from Manhattan to Philadelphia. In one hour and 45 minutes, different governments charged me $140 in various tolls and taxes," he captioned the post, which was accompanied by a screenshot of the tolls and taxes.

In the image, the priciest thing was the "Out of Town Surcharge," valued at $35.

In other tweets, Varsavsky shared that he didn't get on the train "as usual" because he had to be on Zoom calls.

He also said that he would be heading to Miami and appeared to jokingly add: "Wonder how much those tolls will be."

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People took to the comments section of his post to express their feelings, with many agreeing that the ride would be pricey given the distance.

One person wrote: "If you can't afford the tolls (and a huge tip for the driver who has to get back home), then take the train. Maybe don't schedule zoom calls during a commute. Seems obvious."

"That's the cost of convenience. Take the bus next time," another added.

Others didn't seem convinced that Varsavsky took the bridges and tunnels he did to reach his destination and that prices didn't seem accurate.

"You're lying. The Holland Tunnel goes from Manhattan to NJ, and the Goethals Bridge goes from Staten Island to NJ. You didn't take both on the same trip," one added.

"Yeah, no. They did not.

The tolls from Manhattan to Philly are a fraction of that, and you have multiple redundant charges on your bill.

Tolls from NJ to DC are $25. Tolls to Philly are most certainly not $70 each way. Or total," another wrote.

Someone else, who thinks he was straight-up scammed, added: "So somehow you went westbound (three different ways out of NYC), eastbound, southbound, and northbound all in the same trip?

"I hate to break it to you, bud, but you got scammed."

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