Tesco worker goes viral for hilarious resignation letter that was read out in the middle of a shop

<p>The man read out the letter in the store</p>

The man read out the letter in the store


A Tesco worker has gone viral after resigning in the middle of his shop in a pretty spectacular way.

Posting on Reddit, Joe Simpson shared the video in which his brother read out the letter on his behalf while he stood on a stool in a black suit and tie then handed it to his boss.

The letter said: “To whomever it may concern, I write this letter from a place of sorrow and regret.

“These six, long arduous years have caused me to grow quite weary.

“My knees have grown weak and the grease from my elbows has depleted.

“It is not for every man to accept large packages into their back door, nonetheless, it was my duty.

“I have wondered endless aisles, searching for sections incomplete, my gloves doth hold the sweat of many a 12-hour [shift].

“But my shoulders carry the weight of the worker’s burden.”

The ‘announcer’ then goes on to pay tributes to fellow colleagues, while slamming an ex-manager.

He says: “To Chris, you are the father I never had.

“To John, you recognised my true potential, a finer manager I could not request.

“My final thanks goes to Steve, the emperor of this fine establishment.

“You have raised the bar from your predecessor, infinitely. To say his name will be remembered is a grotesque overstatement.”

He concludes: “I finish this letter with many thanks to my former comrades and I hereby submit my formal resignation.”

Simpson shouts the word “resignation” at the same time as his brother before taking the letter and envelope and giving it to his boss.

He then raises his fist and cries out: “Viva la Tesco!”

He captioned the clip: “After telling my work that I am leaving, they said I must make a formal resignation letter. So in response I went all out.”

Speaking to the MailOnline, Simpson added: “I left the job because I had moved to another city to go to university and got another job while I was there.

“About a week before this video was published I went to Tesco to tell them that I was resigning and they let me know that I needed to give them a formal resignation letter.

“My brother (the person reading the letter) and I decided that it would be amusing if we wrote the letter to be as formal as possible, whilst also over exaggerating many of the aspects of the job.

“We also didn’t want the letter to come off as mean spirited, as I had a good relationship with the people in the store.

“After a bit of discussion we thought that it may be even more formal if we dressed up in suits, put on over-the-top accents, then delivered the letter in person, with my brother acting as speaker.”

Responding to the video, Reddit users loved it. One said: “‘Viva la Tesco!” is my new war cry.”

Another said: “The little nods of approval, the rolling r’s on the synchronised “rrresignation!”, the stool, the cane, holding the letter at arms length.

“So many elements combine to make this a true masterpiece of our times.”

A Tesco spokesperson said: “We are sorry to see Joe leave and wouldn’t expect anything different from such a well-loved character in our store.”

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