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A TfL train announcer has become a viral sensation after introducing the arrival of a train in the style of a heavyweight boxer.

A video uploaded to Twitter by user Chris Lloyd, shows the announcer who was reportedly at Bank station, where he was telling passengers about the next DLR train to arrive on the platform.

Rather than just your bog-standard announcement, the TfL staffer does his best Michael Buffer impression, much to the delight of the commuters in the clip.

If you couldn't make out what he was saying, here is a transcription of this absolute legend's announcing skills.

This train needs no introduction. Weighing in at 600 tonnes of pure steel, always on time with zero delays.

Introducing the undefeated, undisputed best train service in the world. Fighter, DLR Lewisham.


Why can't all train journeys be like this?

Needless to say, this clip has put a lot of smiles on people's faces and has already been viewed more than 700,000 times.

People have since been pleading with TfL to keep allowing the announcer to continue doing his job in this manner and they seem more than happy to do so.

Almost inevitably, the private investigators of Twitter have done some digging and found out that the man in Hus Ragip and he is now a bona fide hero to masses.

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