China Daily, the English language state-run Beijing-based newspaper, has published a rather curious article on their website.

The uncredited piece is headlined "Top 10 highly-paid jobs for single people", but closer resembles a guide to people you shouldn't ever date.

It stipulates that certain highly-paid occupations draw driven people and, with no evidence whatsoever, proceeds to lay down some advice for its readers as to why they should not date them.

We've highlighted some of the more bizarre pearls of wisdom, below:


Male athletes often feel that the women around them are too "manly," while female athletes think their male colleagues are not gentle enough.


They may be narcissistic, patronising and find it hard to accept advice. They are too choosy about everything, including partners.

IT workers

They are not good enough for their female colleagues, who prefer more mature men.


They have no feelings for the women. Their female colleagues dislike them because they are too sissy, and they have too many chances to spend time with other women.


Male lawyers are not romantic and female lawyers are so eloquent that they scare men away.

The article, published in the business section, is currently one of the most viewed on the news outlet's website - if you don't believe us, you can see for yourself.

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