The Daily Mail appears to have slut-shamed an elephant

Photo: Cameron Spencer/Staff/Getty
Photo: Cameron Spencer/Staff/Getty

The Daily Mail, and its online sister the Mail Online has its share of criticisms when it comes to their coverage of women.

Remember the way they described female actors at the Oscars?


Part trash-bag, part oil-slick

When things have taken another bizarre step this week - involving elephants.

South African wildlife photographer Renata Ewald managed to capture an image of an elephant in Kruger National Park, and the website pounced.

An article uploaded on Monday slut-shamed the aforementioned elephant for having "exposed" her breasts...

The headline reads:

The elephant that put her bra on: Mother puts on an eye-popping display in front of stunned tourists

The internet, however, was quick to respond:

Quick to question...

...logic also made an appearance

Moral of the story? Daily Mail, celebrities may be fair game every now and then.

But please leave the animals alone.

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