David Cameron being asked 'how he sleeps' on The One Show resurfaces after Dan Stevens moment

Dan Stevens calls Boris Johnson a ‘criminal leader’ on BBC's One Show

A video of The One Show host Matt Baker laying into David Cameron in 2011 has resurfaced following Dan Stevens' takedown of Boris Johnson on the same show last night.

In an interview on the show, Baker absolutely savaged Cameron when he, with a smile, and after thanking the then prime minister for appearing on the show asked: "Just very quickly, how on earth do you sleep at night?"

People have been reminded of the iconic moment in television as last night, actor Stevens spoke about his new series Gaslit about Richard Nixon and the Watergate scandal. When describing it he used the opportunity to criticise Boris Johnson over Partygate and said:

“What you’ve got is a criminal for a leader who is wrapped in a messy war, embroiled in a stupid scandal and surrounded by ambitious idiots and really should resign."

He then paused and said: "I’m sorry that’s the intro to Boris Johnson" and Twitter absolutely loved it.

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So, after Stevens did his thing, people started reminiscing about the Baker v Cameron showdown:

And in case you are wondering how Cameron slept at night, the then PM responded:

"Erm, I've always been able to sleep OK.

"At the end of the day if you are exhausted you will make the wrong decisions."

You can look at the awkward exchange here:

Matt Baker asks David Cameron: "How on earth do you sleep at night?"

Maybe we should get The One Show hosts to do PMQs...

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