You may or may not be aware that today is International Men's Day.

Designed to draw attention to issues that disproportionately affect men such as the risk of suicide, more often than not it becomes a platform for men's rights activists.

International Men's Day obscures the fact that women face far greater dangers and inequalities during their lifetime than men, and there's not an equal need to draw attention to gendered issues. It's because of inequality we don't have 'International Straight People Day' or 'International White People Day'.

At we googled 'all the days that it is today' and found out that November 19 also marks World Toilet Day - a pressing issue in many developing countries.

Wateraid says 93 per cent of the South Sudanese population don't have access to adequate, hygienic latrines, and more than 70 per cent of people in 26 African countries have the same problem, which has huge knock on effects for public health.

Just some other things being celebrated today:

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