Picture: Dan Kitwood/Getty Images
Picture: Dan Kitwood/Getty Images

The EU referendum is inching (centimetre-ing?) ever closer. And the larger the big day looms, the more truthers appear to be whipping themselves up in a frenzy.

indy100 first noticed this when some of Twitter's finest tin foil hat wearers popped up in the aftermath of the Old Trafford fake bomb fiasco over the weekend to point fingers at the Remain campaign:

But a quick wade through the subcutaneous of the internet reveals that actually, there is a hella lorra Brexit conspiracy theorists out there.

Some of it is run-of-the-mill bonkers. But there's also a really nasty anti-Semitic sentiment threading a lot of these alternative takes together:

1. Starting off at level one, here's the old 'BBC bias' chestnut:

Which was effortlessly debunked by former BBC Newsnight economics editor Duncan Wheldon:

2. The idea of the 'EUSSR' really gets these people going.

3. Don't forget it's obligatory to bring up Hitler.

4. And Bilderberg.

5. Somehow the left, but not the right, is in bed with big banking.

6. Which inevitably brings us onto the Rothschilds.

7. And Jewish people.

This stuff is really toxic. Only 34 days to go...

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