The Sun is now attacking Gary Lineker for buying a cup of coffee

Stuart C. Wilson/Getty Images

Rupert Murdoch's The Sun and the BBC broadcaster and former footballer Gary Lineker have a colourful past – and the newspaper isn’t forgetting it any time soon.

In 2016, Lineker spoke out about the treatment of young refugees – and The Sun called on the BBC to sack him for getting involved.

And now, The Sun still seems to have a grudge.

The Sun wrote an article saying Lineker nipped out for a coffee in LA “to save a few dollars on a drink despite his £1.6million BBC pay packet”.

The article goes on to say that Linekar left his hotel, where a cup of coffee costs £7, to get a cheaper Starbucks drink.

But then - the presenter is also damned when he does the opposite.

The Sun started an article on Friday:

While laughing off his gargantuan £1.8m BBC salary amid fury from licence fee payers – this is how Gary Lineker spends your money.

And how, exactly, is that? Sitting beside a pool, wearing a watch and sunbathing, and having the audacity to go on holiday.

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