We are officially living in an episode of 'The Thick of It'

We are officially living in an episode of 'The Thick of It'
Liz Truss 'incredibly sorry' as Kwasi Kwarteng sacked as UK finance minister

UK Prime Minister Liz Truss fired Chancellor Exchequer and close ally Kwasi Kwarteng after just 38 days in office as the UK economy takes a beating.

And now, people on social media are comparing what's happening in UK politics to an episode of the British political comedy The Thick of It.

Now that's nothing new - but this time those claims are bang on the money.

On Friday (14 October), a clip from season 3 episode 2 was shared on Twitter that sees the foul-mouthed Director of Communications Malcolm Tucker's attempt to reassure new minister Nicola Murray about her career.

"The PM is not going to sack you after a week. Sacked after 12 months — looks like you've f***** up. Sacked after a week — looks like he's f***** up," Tucker said to Murray in an interesting attempt to assure her that everything with the unseen PM would be OK.

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People couldn't help but also agree that the nation is living out the show's episode.

Others joked that there are also other quotes from the series that encapsulates the government.

One person on Twitter wrote: "There must be a rich seam of 'Thick of It' quotes suitable for these times."

"I thought 'The Thick of It' was satire. I didn't realise it was a training course!" another joked.

A third wrote: "Love the show, Malcolm right on the money! What crap leadership," while a fourth added: "Life imitating art…?"

Someone else who joked about Kwarteng getting fired as soon as he did wrote: "Does 37 days mean you've both f***** up?"

The episode clip, which is making the rounds online, doesn't bode too well for Truss, with many, including within her own party, making calls for her to resign after her tax-cutting plans.

Tory MPs, economists, and members of the opposition have slammed Truss for the borrowing-fuelled plans, which caused a poor day for the pound.

It also saw Labour take its most significant poll lead over the Tories after more than two decades.

Truss did admit that her package of tax cuts gave "disproportionate" gains to the richest but insisted that it was "the right plan" to boost economic growth.

She became PM in September.

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