The UK's most adulterous constituencies revealed

These are the most unfaithful constituencies in the UK, according to data from nearly a million people signed up to Illicit Encounters, the dating site for married people.

The site does not ask people about their electoral preferences but can use postcode data to reveal the constituencies in which they have the most users. While four of the top five are currently held by Labour, the majority of their users (13.67 per cent) currently live in Conservative constituencies.

1. Nottingham South (Labour)

2. South Cambridgeshire (Conservative)

3. Greenwich and Woolwich (Labour)

4. Newcastle-Upon-Tyne East (Labour)

5. Leyton and Wanstead (Labour)

Overall party rankings meanwhile, based on the total number of members in each constituency held by a certain party and dividing it by the number of seats that party held, revealed an 'infidelity index' of:

1. Conservative - 13.67 per cent

2. Labour - 13.08 per cent

3. Lib Dems - 11.97 per cent

4. SDLP 9.4 per cent

5. Green - 9.09 per cent

6. Alliance 8.08 per cent

7. SNP 8.07 per cent

8. Plaid Cymru 7.73 per cent

9. DUP 7.39 per cent

10. Independent 6.26 per cent

11. Sinn Fein 5.26 per cent

You can find out how unfaithful your constituency is here.

A note on data: The number of people cheating in each constituency was calculated using the postcode data of 995,000 people

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