These are Britain's favourite biscuits

Britain's favourite biscuit has - finally - been revealed, after a poll of 2,000 people by animal charity health Blue Cross to mark their Paws for Tea fundraiser this Friday.

The favourite biscuits

  1. Chocolate Digestive

  2. Chocolate Hobnob

  3. Custard Cream

  4. Shortbread

  5. Jaffa Cake

  6. Choc Chip Cookie

  7. Digestive

  8. Ginger Nut

  9. Chocolate Bourbon

  10. Chocolate Fingers

The favourites for dunking

  1. Digestive

  2. Chocolate Digestives

  3. Chocolate Hobnobs

  4. Rich Tea

  5. Ginger Nut

  6. Custard Creams

  7. Plain Hobnob

  8. Malted Milk

  9. Chocolate Bourbon

  10. Shortbread

Note: the poll of 2,000 people was carried out by OnePoll

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