These are six of the world's worst fonts, according to the experts

We recently learned which fonts to never, ever use on a CV. Here are some more to avoid in all other areas of life, via designers on Quora.

One word of caution: this thread may not contain the worst font in the world - there are hundreds of thousands and the answer is somewhat subjective. These are just six of the very worst.

1. Times New Roman

Designer Devi Prasad gives his verdict: "Yes it is one of the most used font in computer history. You should not use it because of the same reason."

2. Brush Script

Prasad again: "Script font, seriously?"

3. Bleeding Cowboys

Case closed, no further questions.

4. Bubble

"It's virtually unreadable and I can't think of a single use it might have," graphic designer Rikard-Rodin says.

5. Papyrus

Notably, when Avatar used it for Na'vi subtitles.

6. Comic Sans.


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