These are the most annoying CV mistakes, according to a poll of more than 600 senior executives conducted by YouGov for GSM London.

The business people were choosing from a list of options such as poor design and too much personal achievement. Here are their top 10 most annoying errors:

  1. If there were spelling and/ or grammatical mistakes 87%
  2. If there was incorrect information included (e.g. wrong contact name, wrong company name, etc.) 76%
  3. If key information was missing (e.g. contact details, dates of employment, responsibilities, etc.) 74%
  4. If the CV was too long 46%
  5. If the tone of the CV was too informal/ casual 44%
  6. If it had a poor CV design (e.g. font, layout, etc.) 39%
  7. If there was too much personal information (e.g. hobbies, out of work achievements, etc.) 29%
  8. If the CV was too short 26%
  9. If there was irrelevant experience or education included 24%
  10. If an image of the applicant was included on the CV 13%

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