A group promoting safe sex will pay you £200 to have sex this November.

Do something about those cold nights and earn cash while you're doing it...

That's what's on offer from the Pleasure Project, a sex education group established in 2004 to provide teaching resources for making sex more enjoyable and safer.

The group want to film heterosexual couples and male homosexual couples having sex in order to showcase the use of condoms.

The Pleasure Project intentionally differentiates itself from other safe sex campaigns, which it argues focus too much on the negative health risks of unprotected sex, as opposed to the pleasures of safe sex.

The video is meant to show sex in more realistic circumstances than pornography, and specifically sex with a condom.

It will not be available to the public, and will only be viewed by a small test group through a private link.

Speaking to the Tab, a spokesperson for the campaign explained the purpose of the video:

The project we are working on is a pilot for a UK university to trial the most effective methods to ensure young people use condoms.

The research we have done to date indicates that young people would prefer to view stylish, yet naturalistic scenarios in which couples are seen having sex while using condoms.

So, for instance, we may film a couple having sex in a bedroom that looks like a student house or in a car.

They say the whole thing will only take three hours (what do you mean 'only'?)

Those interested in getting involved are encouraged to contact the Pleasure Project through their website.

Only three couples are being scouted at the moment, aged between 18-25, so apply quick!

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