Top 10 Things from the 2000s That Don't Exist Anymore

Most of us use Google to navigate through everyday life. Whenever an important question pops in our head – what the time is in Mongolia right now, for example, or what happens when you put various objects in the microwave – we turn to our beloved, all-knowing friend, Google.

But there are some things lingering in the corners of the internet we should never, ever search for. There are some things so disturbing, so difficult to erase from memory once you’ve seen them, that place at the top of every “what not to Google” list circulating the internet.

So here are the very best, or should we say, the very worst.

Be aware, these are definitely NSFW.

Right, I'm off to vom.

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The top "what not to Google" contenders are:

Lemon party

Sadly, this is not a party themed around the refreshing citrus fruit we all know and love. But it will leave you unable to even look at an elderly man ever again.

Blue waffle

Not a recipe for a nice Sunday brunch. I repeat: NOT a recipe for a nice Sunday brunch. It is, however, a recipe for making any gynaecologist wonder why they didn’t listen to their parents and become a lawyer instead.

Tub girl

Sadly, this is not a review of Lush bath bombs. If you’re a fan of bathing – or for keeping your food down, for that matter – do not Google tub girl.

Two girls, one cup

In internet years, this video is old. But it continues to scar people around the world who are stupid enough to Google it. Don’t be one of these people. Unless you really want to see two women doing unspeakable things with faeces and vomit. You have been warned.

Four girls finger paint

Think of two girls, one cup, but double how traumatised that left you.

Soggy biscuit

A playground game gone terribly, terribly wrong. Best to Google when you’ve just dipped a biscuit into your tea.

Clock spider

You guessed it – a spider as big as a clock. Only much, much scarier.

Peanut the dog

Peanut is the world’s ugliest dog. This video is less likely to leave you scarred, but it might leave you compelled to adopt him and take him to a dog salon.

Coconut crab

You like coconuts, you like crab, so this doesn’t sound too bad, right? Wrong. This clawed, coconut-crushing crustacean will haunt your dreams forever.

Bedbugs on mattress

Talking of dreams, if you ever want to sleep again, do not type these words into Google.

Your symptoms

If you think you are seriously ill, you should go see a doctor.

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