A third of Brits ‘only wash their bedsheets once a year’

A third of Brits ‘only wash their bedsheets once a year’
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A third of Brits are officially revolting.

One in three people admitted to only cleaning their sheets on an annual basis in a survey, and we’re going to gag.

It gets worse. 18 per cent only wash jeans annually and 36 per cent only wash blankets once in this period, according to stats released by Hammonds Furniture.

Just when you think there are saving graces - with 40 per cent washing their towels after every use and 80 per cent washing underwear after every wear - more horrifying statistics rain down upon us.

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Like 25 per cent of men admit to only washing their underwear after every five washes, and 10 per cent of men claim to only wash their underwear after every ten washes. Ten washes. Ten. Can you imagine? It doesn’t bear thinking about.

The grim news comes after the world was horrified by this viral thread in which women shared stories about dating men with bad hygiene:

From this, we learnt that a man changed his bedsheets so infrequently, that they ended up smelling like beef hula hoops. Evocative.

Anyway, the survey was of 2,000 people and we can only hope they were wholly unrepresentative of the general population because this is not great.

Do better, people.

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