This horrifying Burger King hot dog looks nothing like the advert

Launched with great fanfare by Snoop Dogg himself, burger chain Burger King announced in January that it would start selling hot dogs, of all things.

An early review of the new addition to the menu praised the “fluffy and firm buns”, the blackened barbecue-style stripes on the sausages and the heavy sprinkling of cheddar.

Mmm, delicious. You can just imagine the excitement of Jared when he rocked up to a Burger King joint in New York to sample this most sumptuous of treats.

Except what he found in the box didn't quite live up to what you can see in the ads...

After uploading the photo to Imgur, Jared explained his disappointment:

It was genuinely awful... but I ate 80% of it anyway. I shame ate it.

Replying to another user's comment, he added:

Didn't expect it to look like the photo... I just expected it to at least look like a 'hot dog'.

Burger King did not immediately respond to indy100's request for comment.

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