An Australian artist has collated a series of the world's saddest place names on Instagram.

Among the more forlorn towns, lakes, roads, mountains and other topographical features are Defeated, Tennessee, and Broken Heart Lane, in La Verdia, Texas.


Damien Rudd, the brains behind @SadTopographies, told CBC earlier this month that he was inspired to set up the account after stumbling across Mount Hopeless in his homeland.

The name kind of caught me off guard and I decided to come back later and research it.

I actually found that there were many more places that had surprisingly depressing names. That kind of got me started on the project.

Rudd said he finds most of the place names by typing sad words into Google Maps.

Speaking to Quartz, Rudd added:

In Australia, like the US and Canada, there are many depressing place names that are connected to the dark history of early colonialism, and the mishaps of explorers and settlers.

Legend has it, for instance, that the Lake of No Return in Burma was named because of the number of Allied planes that crashed nearby in the Second World War.

Starvation Heights in Oregon, meanwhile, gained its name from all the farmers who tried, and failed, to settle on its barren landscape in the 1880s.

You can follow @SadTopographies here.

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