This Japanese bookshop only sells one book at a time

(Picture: Miyuki Kaneko
(Picture: Miyuki Kaneko

There is a bookshop in Japan which only sells one book. Ok, technically lots of copies of one title, but you get what we mean.

The bookshop, Morioka Shoten, owned by Yoshiyuki Morioka, is located in the luxury shopping district of Ginza, in Tokyo, and it only offers one title to its customers, sold within one room.


Morioka told The Guardian that he recently opened the concept store after realising that most of his customers at his previous shop would only buy one of a handful of titles, especially if he had organised a book launch:

This bookstore that sells only one book could also be described as ‘a bookstore that organises an exhibition derived from a single book’.

Morioka says he tailors his store’s decor to the launch of the exhibited title:

For instance, when selling a book on flowers, in the store could be exhibited a flower that actually appears in the book.

Also, I ask the authors and editors to be at the bookstore for as much time as possible. This is an attempt to make the two-dimensional book into three-dimensional ambience and experience. I believe that the customers, or readers, should feel as though they are entering ‘inside a book’.

Morioka has sold 2,100 books so far and the first title he will sell in 2016 will be Maseru Tatsuki’s photo anthology, called Fish-Man.

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