A reddit user who discovered his girlfriend had been cheating made the mistake of plotting his revenge on Reddit.

One of the world’s most popular public forums is really the best place to do it, you know, if you want no one to find out.

Twenty-eight-year-old user BinanoSplat wrote in a post three days ago…

Found out my girlfriend is cheating on me. Giving her this card tonight at my birthday dinner.

...linking to an Imgur album in which a card featured, addressed to 'Schmoopsie Poo'.

The card read “This card will feel heavy” for reasons that became apparent when you opened it:

Picture: Imgur/BinanaSplat

Oh the Schadenfreude! The sweet revenge!

She found out, because her friends browsed one of the most popular websites in the world and alerted her to the now-defunct plan.

We know this because BinanaSplat posted an update called "IT'S RUINED... THANKS REDDIT", which revealed:

Her bestie found this and called her. I don't know how he knew we were even still dating considering how she's been hiding that fact from everyone.

He then relayed the conversation with her, in which she asked him if “there[’s] anything you want to say to me?” to which he said he did not want to talk to her again.

She said “I think you're disrespecting me” to which he replied:

Go f—- yourself. I'll leave the key in your mailbox.

So it all ended happily - at least according to u/BinanoSplat's side of the story.

Lesson learned: If you're planning on unleashing some break up on someone - probably best to do it before you tell anyone.

I mean, if you're gonna go down that route.

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