This pigeon joke sums up the absurdity of asking Muslims to apologise for Isis

Following the terrorist atrocity in Paris earlier this month, there have been increasing calls for Muslims around the world to condemn or somehow apologise for the actions of Isis.

Despite community leaders criticising the group, thousands of Muslims condemning the attacks online and British Muslims literally paying to denounce terrorism, for some people that just doesn't seem to be enough.

It emerged this week that attacks on British Muslims have risen by 300 per cent since Paris, while both Nigel Farage and the Sun have called on British Muslims to "do more" to combat the group.

While that has already garnered some humorous responses online, a Facebook comment on an Independent story over the weekend may just be the best yet.

Gare du Nord railway station in central Paris was briefly evacuated at around midday on Sunday after a minor explosion.

News eventually emerged that the "large bang and apparent flash of light" was actually caused by a pigeon electrocuting itself on a power line...

Which led to this comment from Independent reader Dost Khan:

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