A village in West Wales has been experiencing rain of "biblical proportions", with not one dry day since October.

(Pic: Geograph)

The 700 residents are believed to be enduring the longest spell of consecutive rainy days in Britain for 92 years, making Eglwyswrw in Pembrokeshire the rainiest place in Britain.

The village has not endured the flooding seen in other parts of the country in recent weeks, but the weather is still causing issues for local businesses and farmers.

Local councillor John Davies told WalesOnline:

We’ve had rain of biblical proportions. It’s poured down for almost 80 days and nights so by that reckoning we would need two arks.

It is grinding people down both physically and psychologically.

Our sheep are pretty hardy animals but even they are looking down in the mouth. Their fleeces are not getting the chance to dry out because of the endless rain.

The wet spell is set to end, however - the UK is reportedly facing an 'Arctic chill' in the next week, so the rain might soon turn to snow.

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