Ukip is trying to attract Welsh voters but is having an absolute nightmare with the Welsh language

Nigel Farage's promised "Purple Revolution" may have failed to materialise in last year's general election, but that isn't stopping Ukip from trying to make gains in the local elections across the country in May 2016.

One of the pro-Brexit party's top priority areas is Wales, where voter concerns over immigration are high, even though immigration levels are some of the lowest in the UK.

The party is hosting its annual spring conference in Llandudno next month, and posted an ad on Monday featuring the "Welcome to Wales" road sign that greets drivers at the border:

Just one problem: the Welsh actually reads "Welcome the Wales", rather than "Welcome to Wales".

Western Mail reporter David Deans pointed out the spelling mistake, which was quickly deleted:

The gaffe was (naturally) ridiculed on Twitter:

When Deans asked the party for comment, a spokesperson responded to his request with the Latin phrase, "to err is human":

Ooops! Errare humanum est!

It's not the first time Ukip has made translation errors in Welsh - when they launched the Wales website in 2013 the party called themselves 'Plaid Annibyniaeth y Du', which means the 'Black Independence party', rather than DU, which stands for Y Deyrnas Unedig (United Kingdom).

But there's another, far more grievous error in the tweet that the party didn't notice: February 27th is a Six Nations rugby match day.

Which means even if people in Wales did want to go to a Ukip conference, they definitely have other plans:

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