US state senator sparks debate after twerking upside down in campaign video

US state senator sparks debate after twerking upside down in campaign video
A US state senator is twerks upside down in campaign video

Canvassing for votes in a political campaign is a tradition that dates back to as early as the Roman Republic, but in the year 2022, it has taken a much more modern turn.

Rhode Island State Senator for District 6 has posted a campaign video of herself twerking upside down on TikTok, in possibly the most unusual canvas yet.

28-year-old Democrat Tiara Mack posted the clip on her official TikTok account and in the video, she could be seen on the beach on 4 July doing a headstand while twerking.

The person filming could be heard saying: “That ass, that ass.” Mack herself then delivered a message to the camera, saying, “Vote Senator Mack”.

The clip has been viewed 106,000 times and has divided opinion among viewers. Some have slammed the senator for having “no class” meanwhile others have praised her for showing that politicians can still have some personality.

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a promised senator thirst trap at Block Island 😈

One person wrote: “No class.”

Another said: “Rhode Islander here... You can absolutely count on my support.”

Someone else argued: “Y’all really need to remember politicians are still people, they aren’t forced to behave like you want, they’re forced to do their job. Move along lol.”

“set the race back YEARS with this,” claimed another TikTok user.

One TikToker said: “Yes queeeeeen. If more politicians acted like they were normal people, I would feel more able to trust them.”

Someone else claimed: “I was gonna vote anyway but now voting harder.”

Another replied: “I’d vote for you if we lived in the same state. We need more ppl closer to our age making decisions & that look like us. Do u sis, live ur life!”

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