Tiger shark charges towards swimmer in terrifying video

Tiger shark charges towards swimmer in terrifying video
Sharks Swim in Shallow Water

Terrifying drone footage shows the moment a tiger shark in Australia charged at an unaware swimmer.

On Wednesday (28 December), the shark was spotted dwelling near the shore at Hillary's Dog Beach near Perth.

Sam Wood was a beachgoer that day who captured the nail-biting footage of the tiger shark.

The shark was just metres away from unsuspecting people.

In one part of the video, the shark can be spotted swiftly charging towards one woman before it makes a dramatic U-turn away from her.

Wood said he was filming with his drone about 800 metres back from the beach and went down to shore once he spotted a shark in the shallow waters.

Those in the water were taken out, preventing an attack.

"I was worried at some stage that this that this could be an attack, and obviously I was quite scared," Wood told 7NEWS Perth about the shark.

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"Obviously [the shark] wasn't interested in humans because it just swam away, which is always good to see," he added.

Viewers took to social media to share their thoughts. Many said that shark sightings aren't uncommon.

One person on Facebook wrote: "We had a 3.5m tiger circle at 18m depth off Mandurah last week. They're just curious. We are in their habitat!"

"Over a six-month time period, I've seen six sharks and had a massive bait ball crash into me while I was about 3 metres underwater, which knocked the wind out of me. Now I just don't swim anymore," another added/

A third wrote: "No surprise to me, I've seen stuff like this in life. I've seen rays and sharks over 5 ft come within 2 ft of swimmers in waist-deep water and not have a clue."

Shark attacks in Western Australia aren't rare.

In October, the Guardian reported that a man almost had his arm completely bitten off after being bitten by a shark while spearfishing.

Still, Australia is not the only place to experience shark attacks.

In 2021, someone on TikTok showed the moment two women in Panama City Beach, Florida, were being circled by a shark, and they had no idea.

The shark initially started to swim away before changing the course of its direction towards the pair.

And in March 2022, an Italian man visiting the Colombian island of San Andres was unfortunately fatally bitten by an eight-foot tiger shark.

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