TikTok star gives away $500 to man for finishing the lyrics to ‘You Are My Sunshine’

TikTok star gives away $500 to man for finishing the lyrics to ‘You Are My Sunshine’

Random acts of kindness come in all shapes and sizes – there’s even a study to suggest that being kind can help you live longer. Well now, one TikTok star has dedicated his page to a series of fun challenges towards unsuspecting strangers. If the oblivious passerby completes the challenge, he gives them $500.

In a clip that has racked up a staggering 4.1 million overnight, a fellow TikTok user suggested that Jimmy Darts (@jimmydarts) gets strangers to complete the lyrics to You Are My Sunshine.

The TikTok video shows Jimmy in a supermarket approaching shoppers with a Barbie doll as a microphone. He begins to reel off the lyrics to the Johnny Cash song in hopes that the participant will finish the line.

After two failed attempts and a few strange looks, Jimmy approaches a third man pushing a shopping cart. To his surprise, the man enthusiastically sings along to the song.

“Congratulations”, Jimmy says as they shake hands. “You know what’s just happened?”

The unsuspecting man replies, “What’s just happened?”

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Jimmy explains that he has “got a gift for [him], $500”, to which the stranger bursts out laughing in disbelief, “You’re playing?” and asks if he’s serious.

In a heartwarming moment, Jimmy hands over the money. “Life is too short”, the man says before breaking out into a celebratory dance.

“Life is too short”, he says before breaking out into a celebratory dance @jimmydarts/TikTok

Thousands of TikTokers flocked to the video to express admiration for the man. “You can tell he’s a really good guy”, one said, as another called him “the main character.”

“He deserved it. This inspires me to be happier and more appreciative”, one added, while another commented, “He aced that vibe check.”

We can certainly agree with that.

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